11:43 PM
6/3/2020 I havent been on here in forever, got nostalgic tongiht. Hope yall are well and safe this crazy year.
7:02 AM
Part of me wishes to see the revival of the clan and the forums, you guys were one of the OG clans...
7:00 AM
So sad to see old school forums get taken over by bots... but I am happy to see the site it still up, too nostalgic

11:30 PM
11:30 PM
Sup sup...Just visiting. Miss you all..
5:26 AM
HI!, Can't tell how long its been since anyone has been here. I googled to find it tonight.
2:31 PM
I will close this site soon...
6:19 PM
nice to see that HOME is alive:D
6:18 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR little too late but..:D
12:07 PM
Appee nuw jeer everybaaady, have a good one teehee